Metastatic liver cancer

Another metastatic liver cancer story: from Idana, posted 3 months ago on Pammy’s Liver cancer story : please give your hugs!

Idana’s metastatic liver cancer story

I’m reading this…..

My dad just got diagnosed with metastasic liver cancer, and he is feeling terrible, so do we.

We will see the oncologist in two days for the first time, doubts and fear is not nice.

He has two base ball sized masses on liver, some smaller ones on lungs and bones.

Two months ago he seemed very good and now he is pale and skinny, he seems very week, and desperate about pain, taking like 60 mg of morphine twice a day…

I was making some research when I found you…. I’m so sorry some of us have to go through this…. it is very painful for us to see a beloved one go through such pain….

Let’s all pray for each other and squeeze the best out of this awful experience, if we need to learn something from this, let’s learn it with love and patience, let’s be strong for them and give them the best time ever!!!

God bless you. soooo much!!!! Here goes my hug!!!!

Metastatic liver cancer answer

There is nothing much we can add to this metastatic liver cancer story.

Apart from the amount of masses in the liver and not having the knowledge where father’s primary cancer was…

It is like Idana says: very painful for the liver cancer patient (when you are on morphine already, we know the pain is humongous). Also very painful for the loved ones seeing their loved one going through such pain… "No pain" was one of our "quality of life" ideas, easier said than done…

Lot’s of quarreling also between us in this difficult period yet we made sure that our quarrels had a positive, constructive outcome. Emotions do run high when there is a person you want to help but there is no cure available…

But Idana summarizes any metastatic liver cancer story when she says: let’s be strong for them and give them the best time ever.

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  1. my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer ten years ago, and had to have the kidney removed… this past year the cancer came back, first in his lungs, the mass was surgically removed, then a few months later in his Bladder, that mass was also removed… lately his kidney has been giving him problems, and yesterday he came home from the hospital for the holidays… we found out last night from a private conversation with the doctor that my dads liver is riddled with cancer….(The doctor has not notified him or his wife, and asked that we not reveal this info to him until after the holidays) as all family events create and foster stressful conversations we have all taken the doctors advice to not tell him, and we have collectively decided to be in our best behavior and put all of our differences aside…

    I am scared for his future, and living across the country makes it even more difficult… I am scheduled to go back to Cali on monday… and I don’t know what to do….

  2. Today my father was found to have a 12 cm liver mass. Tomorrow he gets a PET and Wednesday a biopsy. Being in the field of medicine I want to see that everything possible is done to save him. Not knowing all the answers to what he has and how they’ll treat it is exhausting. I can’t lose him yet.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. My mom, aged 71, has been diagnosed as having HHC (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) in April 08. Her MRI indicated multiple Metastasis in her liver (innumerable large and small tumors).

    Her blood tests indicated elevated Alpha Fetoprotein, and her history of chronic Hepatitis added to the diagnosis of liver tumor. The liver tumor involves both lobes (which makes it not curable by resection, according to her doctor). She is in pain and takes Hydromorphone. Doctor said her age and condition doesn’t make her a good liver transplant or liver surgery candidate.

    We are looking for all answers and hope to give it our best shot!


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