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We are getting lots of cancer stories reacties sharing how the mind of a metastatic liver cancer patient runs out of control as well as his body is. Read how we were not prepared for this and read Donna’s metastatic liver cancer story of her husband "seeing things".


Not prepared for the mind playing tricks on father


We were not warned by our doctors that father would see huge spiders crawling at the end of his bed… All our GP told us was that:


  • we could call our GP for anything anytime it was needed
  • father’s pain would increase and it should be stabilized by giving more pain medicine. The side effect of these pain medicines: constipation should be monitored closely and laxatives should be given accordingly


The latter was already not as easy as it sounds.


Even given pain medication was not straight forward: what worked today most likely wouldn’t work the next day, so we had to adjust to father’s pain every new day.


Being prepared for all this, we were not at all prepared that father’s brain would slowly but surely start playing tricks on him.


Metastatic liver cancer brain deterioration symptoms


The first father’s mind played tricks on him was when father blogged that his liver scan should be looked at as if you were looking from top to bottom.

But in reality you should look from bottom to top (thanks to one of our readers to point this out in where is the liver located). This was 1 and a half month after he was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer.


Another 1 and a half months later it was all clear for everybody that father’s mind was deteriorating. He could start cheering people up by telling a joke but halfway he couldn’t remember the end of the joke anymore.


One day he was rushed to hospital because he got overly scared about seeing things that were not there and he was completely disoriented. The doctor in the hospital managed to "stabilize" (as they call it) father again and he could spend the rest of his weeks at home. But even in the hospital he didn’t recognize people who came to visit him…


Read Donna’s metastatic liver cancer story


Hi, I truly feel what you are feeling.


My husband was told he had metastatic liver just 3 weeks ago and it has been a nightmare ever since.


The 3 weeks seems like 1 long day without end.


He has lost SO much weight!


I agree with the post that said it is like watching a snowman melt away in the sun (read more at Metastatic Liver Cancer Snowman Story : Start, Middle, End).


There have already been times when nothing he says makes any sense and he is also at times, “seeing things” that are not there.


The Dr basically gave him morphine and sent us home.


He is in good spirits and has high hopes for a full recovery…..


So far everything I have read and researched gives me no hope of that.


Liver cancer is truly a monster that sneaks up on a person. He has good days as well as bad days. He has even gone to work on a few days!


We have a meeting with the Dr on Wednesday to discuss chemotherapy.


It will be his decision whether to go this route or not. From everything I have read, it is really hopeless and will only put him in misery & make him extremely ill, with no real prolonging of his life.


So he will have to decide longevity OR quality?


This is the worst thing we have ever had to deal with. Keep praying & hoping! I wish you & your family a lot of luck & send my love.


Liver cancer patients are truly in God’s hands.


Thanks for sharing Donna, all our hugs and prayers for you and your family.

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