Give a hug to Kath-e: metastatic liver cancer patient 3 months in hospice

Hospice cancer

Please comment to give Kath-e a hug: being a metastatic liver cancer patient with primary non hodgkins lymphoma, she organized and shares her hospice experience:

Hi Kaht-e here: I’m in this for three months since my prognosis and a brief update…

Things changed since 3 months: I’m on morphine all day long … Funny thing it doesn’t get me high … or confused and it doesn’t even take away that belly wrenching pain….

Appetite is barely none…now I weigh 88 pounds down from 105 and I can’t sit for a long length of time because of the liver being swollen and protruding from under the ribs it becomes painful….stay tuned…

Please any and all of you out there that are in denial …please pray for that to end…and pray for the strength to help save someone’s life… Especially when it only takes a phone call: hospice loves to see it that the family and friends are able to come together and they will also do what it takes to have that …They are willing to have family meetings for discussions or whatever will help the patient and/or the caregiver!

God bless you all and give you the strength and compassion to do what you need to do!

Read more about Kath-e’s cancer story in her comments at Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer and leave your hugs here in a comment!

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