Feline pancreatic cancer

As in the case in human medicine, the causes of cancer in felines are often unknown. We never found out why father had metastatic liver cancer in the first place, and only God knows the why and what about Pavarotti’s pancreatic cancer. Having a cat myself and with my neighbours dog recently diagnosed with canine … Read more

Canine Cancer

I saw it already on Grey’s Anatomy that Merediths’ dog had canine cancer, but like all things TV and especially all things cancer: you only listen when it happens to you. And in the case of this canine cancer, I am listening because I can see the tears in my neighbours eyes when she got … Read more

Canine Liver Cancer

My neighbor has a 10 year old mixed mongrel bitch that recently was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. The vet found a mass on her liver which was later found to be leiomyosarcoma. She was devastated when told of the news and the vet told her that the dog will not live more than … Read more