Our deepest condolences

Dear Carol, Our deepest condolences. We do share your anger and we will only put closure on our father’s passing away once doctors know there are metastatic liver cancer survivors. Just imagine: your doctor was the pharaoh’s doctor: if the pharaoh dies, the doctor would be killed and buried next to him… How much effort … Read more

No Christmas joy with stage iv lung cancer

Christmas didn’t bring any joy this year. Nicole’s father passed away 2 weeks after Nicole’s last post featured at Give Nicole a hug: her father has stage iv lung cancer.   Give your condolences to Nicole in a comment.   Make an extra effort to keep in touch with care-givers who lost their loved ones … Read more

My dad is dead

My dad is dead due to metastatic liver cancer. That’s what happened to Patrick’s dad, my dad and a lot of other dads from our secondary liver cancer site.   Most people find our site looking for new cancer treatments or liver cancer treatment options. Unfortunately we don’t have a cure for cancer and we … Read more

Condolence flowers for Darla: please leave your hugs, prayers and condolences

4 condolence flowers: one for each stage of liver cancer Darla’s aunt had to go through.   Please leave your hugs, prayers, support and condolences in a comment.   Darla’s aunt passed away having stage 4 liver cancer, 2 days after Darla shared her cancer story at Metastatic liver cancer facts : secondary liver cancer. … Read more

Please leave your condolences for Patrick’s father

Patrick just gave us the sad news in a comment on One caregiver is never enough! Patrick’s father has metastatic liver cancer.   Please leave your condolences, prayers and hugs for Patrick in a comment.   When asked about metastatic liver cancer prognosis, it seems that the patient will tell you when his time has … Read more

Jackie 43 years old passed away to metastatic liver cancer

Why does Jackie passes away at 43 and Trish at 43 is a metastatic liver cancer survivor?  Please leave your hugs and support for Paul who shared his secondary liver cancer story at Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer?     Paul’s metastatic liver cancer story   Hi I’ve just lost my partner Jackie 43yrs … Read more

Alan’s liver cancer story

Again another story about liver cancer that’s quite different from the survivor stories you tend to get spoon-fed through TV and media… Commented on Kaye’s Metastatic Liver Cancer Story   Hi, My Dad also died from liver cancer.   When Kay said that they only had 9 days from diagnosis till Kim passed away, it … Read more

Liver Cancer

Another Liver Cancer story we received in our call for "Do you have a liver cancer story". Thanks Kaye for sharing Kim’s liver cancer story. All our love and hugs. Please leave a comment and show Kaye your support! For those new in liver cancer, Kaye’s story just like father’s metastatic liver cancer story tells … Read more

Kaye’s Metastatic Liver Cancer Story

Kaye shares here metastatic liver cancer story below commenting on Kristen‘s cancer story. Please share your cancer stories, as they will help others: coping with the drastic change that occurs in your daily life due to cancer knowing that they are not alone and can ask us Thanks for sharing Kaye! Kaye’s Cancer Story I … Read more

Liver cancer in the family

In the liver cancer story from Jessica it is not clear whether she talks about a primary cancer or a metastatic liver cancer. But the outcome is clear: too many people die from cancer… Notice how Jessica prays for a cure for all cancers where we take it one step further and pray that people … Read more