Cancer prevention

When you know what cancer is – an excessive growth of cells – , and that there is no easy cure, then you know cancer prevention is your best option to keep healthy. Now you need to know there are growth hormones… chemical substances that are used to let lifestock, fruit and vegetables grow faster. … Read more

Colonoscopy can’t always prevent metastatic liver cancer

  Laura’s mother (75) has cancer of the small intestine that spread to her liver. Her mom started having colonoscopy’s at the age of 50 and nothing showed up ever…   Unfortunately a colonoscopy test only looks into the rectum and colon through a long, flexible, narrow tube – the colonoscope. It doesn’t detect anything … Read more

What hotdogs, pesticides and metastatic liver cancer have in common

Hotdogs contain preservatives, which in some cases is a cute word for poison. Pesticides is another word for pest killing poison and metastatic liver cancer will kill you for sure.   The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund concluded that when it comes to colon cancer, processed meat is … Read more

How do you prevent liver cancer

Since there is no miracle liver cancer treatment, you better read our answers about how do your prevent liver cancer. Liver cancer is the most common cancer in the world. It is also the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. You might enjoy the stories of cancer survivors, but reality is bitter. The prognosis … Read more

Mangosteen against metastatic liver cancer?

We got a comment from Nancy, explaining the benefits of magosteen. Nancy’s liver cancer story My grandmother died of liver cancer in 1990 -no drinking, no hepatitis C. She went really fast. I’m glad that there’s a blog like this getting the information out there on different treatments. Anyhow, I have heard of many people … Read more

The Secret

I just finished "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. It’s all about visualising your goals. Now if you have cancer, I don’t think you can cure yourself by just visualising that you are healthy again. If you have metastatic liver cancer, I won’t believe you can get cured just by visualizing. But it is just another … Read more

Why is cancer still around?

Cleaning up comments, I came across this very interesting comment of Jane Chin on my post : Why is cancer still around? Summarized I said: because cancer is big business for the drug and medicine companies, because cancer brings in lots of money for the hospitals. Jane says: I disagree with the logic that cancer … Read more

When you love, you care!

Why aren’t decision makers eradicating cancer? Because they don’t love people therefore don’t care. Let me tell you my cancer experience so far: Many, many years ago my very best neighbour and friend died of lung cancer, yet it didn’t affect me much: people die don’t they? Father died of metastatic liver cancer and that … Read more