Metastatic Liver Cancer

Metastatic liver cancer prognosis

Read why any conventional liver cancer prognosis by itself reduces your chances of survival by 80%. This is because a conventional prognosis is based on "normal medical efforts to treat secondary liver cancer".   Learn how our metastatic liver cancer survivors step outside the box.   Conventional cancer prognosis is only 1 part of the […]

Metastatic liver cancer prognosis

We were asked to give a metastatic liver cancer prognosis to Padmanabhan who told his kidney cancer story in a comment at Liver Cancer Prognosis.   Padmanabhan’s doctors found a tumor in his liver and Padmanabhan wants to know whether it’s a metastatic liver cancer or just a liver tumor.   You should ask your […]

Liver Cancer Prognosis

First and foremost: every liver cancer is different and you need to listen to your doctor what he says about liver cancer prognosis. Do you any reason to be alarmed? Yes you do: 3 people out of 4 in the US diagnosed with liver cancer will die because of their cancer… The "good news" is […]