Stage iv liver cancer

Nicole’s father is confused, his eyes are yellow and his leg is swollen: all possible symptoms you need to expect when your loved one has stage iv liver cancer. Please leave a comment with a hug or share your experience so Nicole doesn’t have to go this road on her own.   Stage iv cancer … Read more

Cancer stages: cancer story from Gina Hage

Comment from Gina Hage at “Sad secondary liver cancer news, please give your support!” , with answer from Metastatic Liver Cancer. I am just trying to research this liver cancer thing My x husband has it and has refused treatment we have 3 kids together and he is just biding his time. I am wondering … Read more

Colon Cancer Staging

Why Cancer Staging Cancer staging is a way of identifying the cancer according to: size of the cancer has the cancer spread or not if the cancer has spread: how far has the cancer spread Cancer staging is done in order to have a better idea of which cancer treatment should be used. For the … Read more