Metastatic Liver Cancer

Stomach Cancer Story

We read this stomach cancer story 4 years ago at our metastatic liver cancer site. It seems to be written by a medical student and it is one of the rare stomach cancer stories people have shared with us so far. Azlin says: I saw my grandpa having a small tumor in the stomach. It […]

Sharing is Caring: Take Action Now!

Take action Now: leave a comment so others walking the same cancer road know they are not alone!

Chrissy’s metastatic liver cancer story

Share your love and support! Chrissy shared her father’s metastatic liver cancer story at Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer?   Chrissy is praying that one day cancer can be treated and cured. Of course I would also love to see that day.   On the other hand I would love to see more research […]

Debbie’s mama has liver and bone cancer

13 liver cancer patients will have died when only 1 is still standing after 5 years. Think about this when you clap for a cancer survivor on TV: you are watching the exception to the rule. Liver cancer survival rates are bottom low. Worldwide 7 % of the people diagnosed with liver cancer will be […]

Sandy & Mandy Angiosarcoma of the liver & Metastatic Liver Cancer

Today we thank Mandy and Sandy for sharing their liver cancer stories: Sandy comments on: Primary and secondary liver cancer treatments Mandy comments on: Angiosarcoma of the liver Every cancer story is different: but sometimes you learn more form people who already went the cancer path than trying to figure out what the doctors are […]

Never a tender moment

With extra hugs for Kaye’s liver cancer story… …strong as you were… … tender you go… The above words kind of summarize the last months we spent with father when he was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer. Celebrity music video In stead of showing one of the many James Blunt’s celebrity music video’s, we show […]

Request from Pammy

(read all the previous 5 posts if you don’t know about Pammy : Sad secondary liver cancer news, please give your support!) hi pammy again, I am quite a spiritual person but I’m not into the big man above at the moment sorry !!!!!!!, Ann has never been a smoker or drinker as such only […]

Cancer support from Garden of Eden

Comment from "gardenofeden" at “Sad secondary liver cancer news, please give your support!” , with answer from Metastatic Liver Cancer. Pammy, My heart goes out to you. I too have a sister who has lung cancer that spread to her lymphnodes and now to her liver. She may not even make it through the holidays. […]

New cancer stories

I had a look at my comments section and saw some new cancer stories included. I will post these cancer comments tomorrow and already give each of you a big hug today. It’s easy to look at stories of others, it becomes different when it hits yourself or your loved ones…

Pammy’s Liver cancer story : please give your hugs!

Pammy wrote a month ago about her sister being diagnosed with an aggressive secondary liver cancer at Sad secondary liver cancer news, please give your support! She then left a message which I will quote below asking “is anybody reading this?“… Please if you are reading this: leave a comment! If you have no clue […]

What kind of man would lie to his own wife about having cancer?

Do you tell everything to your partner? Or are you like me: when you have a bad day but your partner shows up all happy, do you join in his happiness? Or do you spoil the mood with the bad things that happened in your day? You would say: "gosh, it all depends actually"… That’s […]

Dreaming about an Hawaiian vacation?

Since father passed away from metastatic liver cancer 8 months ago, me and my hubby didn’t take any holiday. And last year we were supposed to go on holidays with our parents… which of course got cancelled as soon as we knew father had cancer. So we are really looking forward to a relaxing holiday, […]

Update from mom

It has been ages since I posted an update from mom, and a surgery of the shoulder looks so minor when you read the story of Patti in one of the previous posts. But no good is good news, and in the case of mom this is quite true. Mom’s arm is getting better by […]

Go give Patti a hug!

Like father, Patti has metastatic liver cancer from an unknown primary cancer. Unlike father: Patti is going for chemotherapy in order to beat the cancer. Patti is younger than father and Patti "only" has 4 masses in her liver, where father’s liver looked like a raisin bread filled with little tumors in stead of raisins… […]

Who should tell you have cancer

I had a discussion yesterday with a friend of mine who was very unhappy that dad’s doctor didn’t tell dad he had cancer. According to my friend it’s unethical that a doctor doesn’t tell his patient he has cancer. Not only that, she wanted to start a petition to get rid of these so called […]


Niece and nephew, temporarily living in mom’s house, got married this weekend. As usual with newly wed couples, their mind is far away of how to take care of mom… So for the time being we wish them all the best 🙂 Meanwhile we need to find a solution for mom. My own daughter is […]

Please add your cancer story!

There are a lot of ebooks out there about cancer, so I was thinking: why don’t I add one as well? Free of course! I want to focus on cancer stories: therefore not cancer survivors, but the stories about the people that have cancer and the loved ones around them. If everybody can write 1 […]

Father’s magic

Sometimes there are moments in my day that suddenly it feels as if father is just next beside me, or behind my ears (yes, don’t ask me why I put the word ear here, but that’s where I feel him). I do remember always the same 3 episodes over and over: father hardworking on something […]

Do you have a liver cancer story

Father made the effort to start his online journal about his metastatic liver cancer at a stage of his life where the energy and life was drained out of his body. With all respect to father, I am going to re-read his complete metastatic liver cancer blog and try to make it in some sort […]

Cancer support

Cancer story "At least I laughed"… is a sentence I read from a cancer survivor in her blog. And I read it more in other posts of personal cancer stories or cancer support groups. Just make an effort to put a smile on any person you know, also any person without cancer! Metastatic liver cancer […]