Erbitux: fighting secondary liver cancer with antibodies

Jim’s son is now getting better thanks to his holistic cancer treatments and Erbitux. Erbitux isn’t chemotherapy but in stead are antibodies helping your body to fight the cancer. Pretty logical approach to cure cancer: not using a poisonous chemotherapy in the hope to kill the cancer without killing the person buy making sure your … Read more

What pharmaceutical company Merck cannot teach you about metastatic liver cancer

Merck has no cure available to treat secondary liver cancer, so we recommend to get your support from our metastatic liver cancer survivors.   Why does Google rank Merck first?   Google for "metastatic liver cancer" and the top 2 results points to pharmaceutical company Merck:   Tumors of the liver  Liver Masses and Granulomas … Read more

Cancer treatment options

Lisa from Stage iv colon cancer asks all of us what alternative cancer treatment options you have experienced.     Here’s our story:   Once we knew father was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer, I did a lot of cancer treatment research like:   Hepatocellular Chemoembolization  Introduction to alternative cancer treatments  Colon cancer cure  Laser … Read more

Hepatocellular Chemoembolization

When Kistan2 asked in her Liver Cancer story about alternative liver cancer treatments, we immediately had to think about hepatocellular chemoembolization. chemo-embolization are 2 treatments in 1: a chemotherapy through the artery feeding the liver cancer + a closing of the above artery feeding the liver cancer Immediately, because we went through the same quest … Read more

Secret Cancer Treatments

Who can help me when I have cancer? Over 350 natural treatments.Over2,000 testimonials. Download now! STOP! You must read this information before you decide about your cancer treatment. Over 350 non-toxic natural and alternative treatments that have helped thousands of people beat their cancer. Over 2,000 testimonials! Success rates for surgery, chemo and radiation revealed! … Read more