Metastatic Liver Cancer

Why not to drink water in the hospital

Last part in the trilogy of Hospital kicks mom out, read the 2 other parts: Cattle services better than hospitals Cattle services better than hospitals case study Mom says she hardly drank anything in the hospital because when you press the help bell: no nurse would show up anyway to bring her to the toilet. […]

Mom fell on her head

But all is ok now! Just a few stitches and further on we got away with a big bang and being kind of worried to say the least. So what’s happening? Mom is surely getting better and better after the death of her hubby due to metastatic liver cancer 3 months ago. But yesterday her […]

Kidney cancer no more

Yesterday evening my uncle suffering from kidney cancer, a broken hip and tremendous pain passed away inside the white walls of the hospital surrounded by his loved ones. Very sad because he had been fighting a 20 year old battle and didn’t want to die inside a hospital… We hereby offer our deepest condolences and […]

Torn ligament

For doctors, “cancer” is easy: if a tumor is benign, "just" cut it out and case closed. Next… Now for a patient, things can be harder than that, like you can read at Tumor in the brain. Or just use your imagination what happens to a women’s hormones when the ovaries are removed… Father gone, […]

What about mom?

Mom was father’s care-taker and now father is no more: the big burden of taking care of father is gone. Yet also this adrenaline that keeps you awake 24hours on 24 and gives you the daily energy to take care of a palliative cancer patient is gone. No more adrenaline means mom starts feeling pain. […]

Feeling guilty?

Feeling guilty : This is something I hear from my mom and from my aunt. But really: what can you do more? Mom feels guilty that the last 2 nights she was not sleeping next to fathers bed, when I took over. I just saw mom was completely at her end, at the same time […]

Liver Cancer Birthday

Today should have been father’s birthday. He already thanked us in advance for the happy birthday wishes we should have given him today if he wouldn’t have passed away from liver cancer. Mom was feeling very sad last weekend and cancelled a visit with one my brothers. I found that pretty stupid as who cannot […]

Alprazolam xanax

Important for those palliative care takers of their own husband or wife: more pain ahead when your loved one is gone… Antidepressant medication Mom, who was fathers’ palliative care taker number 1, just got a prescription of alprazolam xanax. This is basically an antidepressant medication. Or like one of the palliative nurses said today: Yes, […]

Tired and sleepy

Remember how fathers’ metastatic liver cancer was asking so much energy from father that he could sleep more than 20 hours a day (see fathers’ quote: tired and sleepy)? Now the same thing happens with mom: fathers’ number 1 cancer care taker. This week she has been in bed for almost all the week. The […]