How to beat metastatic liver cancer

What can 4 weddings and a funeral teach us about metastatic liver cancer? Shouldn’t it more be like 4 funerals and a wedding?   No it shouldn’t!   Metastatic liver cancer treatment   We just got 3 updates, 2 from metastatic liver cancer survivors and one from a person who wants to survive metastatic liver … Read more

Can you cure metastatic liver cancer with ayurvedic treatment?

You can cure cancer with ayurvedic cancer treatment according to Magalie Hall‘s Natural Cancer Treatments book at page 322:   Ayurvedic specialist Dr. Nandlal Tiwari has been treating terminal cancer patients with acclaimed measure of success. He uses a herb mixture gathered from the tribes in the Assam forest and branded it Carctol®.   Can … Read more

Prayers for cancer patients

Nicole dropped by to share her prayers for cancer patients. Nicole’s father passed away with lung cancer but she keeps on dropping by for the support she gets from other cancer stories.   That’s why we ask you all: leave a comment and participate: it’s always easier to walk the path with other who have … Read more

Colon cancer chemotherapy

  Or trail and error… Vicky shares her father’s colon cancer chemotherapy and the scary chemotherapy side effects. Vicky’s father was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer that has spread into his lungs and liver.   Her father started his chemotherapy for colon cancer with Avastin cancer drug. This colon cancer chemotherapy worked well that … Read more

New stage 4 liver cancer treatment

Read how Andrea’s father outlives his stage 4 liver cancer prognosis for 2 years already!   Andrea’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer 2 years ago with a prognosis of only 10 weeks.   From then onwards he changed his lifestyle drastically:   he started a diet of organic food he started different … Read more

How to survive secondary liver cancer

How come Trish, Dan, Jim’s son and Ray survived secondary liver cancer? We will present you the common factors in their metastatic liver cancer treatments and more important, the common factors in their lives.   more people can find our metastatic liver cancer site  more people can share their cancer stories and  you learn more … Read more

How Hypnosis Helps

This post was originally added May 2007, got deleted and we don’t recall what it was all about. What we do know is that hypnosis has been used throughout the ages to reduce pain from headaches, surgery pain and pain induced by cancer. We don’t have info that hypnosis could help to treat cancer. Using … Read more