Metastatic Liver Cancer

I’m willing to stay alive, if I’m able to eat chocolate ice cream and watch football on TV

When you are at the crossroads, having to choose between: fighting cancer no matter what or accepting that life will end sooner than later, the question to ask the patient is: “If time becomes short, what is most important to you?”   Jack Block, a professor emeritus of psychology, when found a mass growing in […]

The whole truth about metastatic liver cancer

Learn about the only 2 options of metastatic liver cancer: cure or care, as crude as it gets… Today I read 2 comments that summarize metastatic liver cancer to the fullest: one is an update of Jim’s son – metastaticliver cancer survivor, 22 months after his diagnosis the other is listed below from Kath-e: recently […]

Now what : just diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer

There are 2 directions you can go when you are diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer: live or die. We share stories of cancer patients that went one way and the other.   What are your 2 options?   Against all odds you can try to beat your cancer: holistic cancer treatment. Going with the flow […]

How Billy passed away: what the doctors don’t tell you about metastatic liver cancer

Diapers, heartbreaking, suffering, pain, confusion, fluid accumulation … All but "quality" of life. Be warned: this is a sad and dirty secondary liver cancer story…   Doctors wont tell you how utterly disgusting dying from metastatic liver cancer can be. Diapers, heartbreaking, suffering, pain, confusion … : our father experienced these secondary cancer side effects […]

What has the Holocaust in common with cancer and medical insurance companies?

Why do some medical insurance companies remind me of the Holocaust after reading about Janet’s sister who is dying from cancer?   Read where to find financial help in the US. Read the sad contradiction that US has the best cancer treatments available unfortunately for un-payable prices.   Do you have cancer medical insurance? No? […]

Lesly is losing the love of her life to metastatic liver cancer

Lesly shares how she is living the last days together with the only love of her live who is suffering with metastatic liver cancer. She left her condolences in a comment at Patrick’s post who very recently lost his father due to metastatic liver cancer.   Thanks to the cancer stories you leave on our […]

Lung tumor, brain tumor, metastatic liver cancer

The story you read below could well be from your next door neighbour.   And maybe all you knew was "that he was terribly sick" and "had been rushed to the hospital more than once". But you don’t even have a clue how "terrible" terrible can get …   Or you receive the announcement that […]

Meet Dan: our second metastatic liver cancer survivor

Dan left a comment at Metastatic liver cancer mind games and is a metastatic liver cancer survivor for over 30 months now (that’s 2 and a half year).   That makes Dan our eldest secondary liver cancer survivor, followed by Trish (our first metastatic liver cancer survivor), who was diagnosed about 20 months ago.   […]

Metastatic liver cancer is unfair

Why is metastatic liver cancer so unfair asks Lyndsey in a comment on Alan’s liver cancer story?   Unfortunately we have no answer to this question…   We also asked ourselves why lots of people get away with bad things and a hard working father who always tried to do the best for his family […]

Metastatic liver cancer

Another metastatic liver cancer story: from Idana, posted 3 months ago on Pammy’s Liver cancer story : please give your hugs! Idana’s metastatic liver cancer story I’m reading this….. My dad just got diagnosed with metastasic liver cancer, and he is feeling terrible, so do we. We will see the oncologist in two days for […]

Metastatic Cancer from lung to liver life expectancy

Mom was asked this week what the metastatic cancer from lung to liver life expectancy was. Which made mom crying rather than answering the question. You need to know that mom being above 75 meets lots of elderly people when going to church, as the older generation sticks to their core habits. Now each mass […]

Sad secondary liver cancer news, please give your support!

We got a comment on our post Liver cancer is a killer, which we have to highlight more. Liver Cancer Story from Pammy My younger sister has just been diagnosed with aggressive secondary liver cancer she is poorly and can only have chemo to try to keep pain at bay,(that’s all they can do). Her […]

Mom gets 2 private nurses

Mom is quite strange when it comes to accepting help. But we all know mom and mom has a tendency to do everything her way or no way… So now she managed to get her 2 sisters, whom luckily got a degree as a nurse ages ago + 1 sister has been taking care of […]

How to speed up your metastatic liver cancer online research.

Step by Step your cancer questions answered! Again: time is the limit when you hear your loved one is diagnosed with cancer. You can then surf the Internet for hours or buy this book that summarizes all you need to know when you or your loved one has cancer. Cancer Research Online Made Easy : […]

Metastatic Liver Cancer blog of the day

Metastatic Liver CancerBlog of the day at PPP For all of you coming here through PayPerPost I got introduced to PPP by Colleen PPP feedback: it takes about 5 minutes to log on and browse through the opportunities, is this just me? I would love PPP made a fast user interface! PPP is a great […]

Metastatic Liver Cancer Rejuvenation

We are in the midst of updating our website to make sure fathers’ voice to spread the word about metastatic liver cancer and cancer in general gets heard even better! For now we added a "subscribe to comments" checkbox, which means as soon as you leave a comment and thick the "subscribe to comments" […]

Metastatic Liver Cancer

For those that are new on this blog, a short summary what a metastatic liver cancer is all about. “Metastatic” was the word we quite didn’t understand when father was finally diagnosed after his health was fading ‘for no apparent reason’. I only understood the word ‘liver cancer’ so I started looking at all things […]

Mom is not taking it well

As if you would have expect something different when your partner of more than 50 years dies of cancer. So what is mom doing these days? she cries every day (sometimes I have to hang up the phone, since she cannot speak through her tears) she talks non stop if she talks: here voice is […]

Secondary Liver Cancer

Why did father yesterday talk about secondary liver cancer? Because it is the same as metastatic liver cancer yet easier to remember. To make all clear, we will post more at: Secondary Liver Cancer Secondary liver cancer prognosis You always need to ask a doctor who has experience with this disease about his or her […]