Metastatic Liver Cancer

Liver cancer or metastatic liver cancer?

Whitney’s father is diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 and asks our metastatic liver cancer survivors for advice. Eating more small portions a day is a smart practical solution to deal with an expanding liver. What does liver cancer stage 4 mean exactly? You have to ask your doctor to explain that sentence, as it […]

Dying from liver failure

  How do you know the end is near? Although you would think dying from liver failure is the logical outcome when a person is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, father didn’t even have jaundice the day he died.   Janet summarizes what we all do when we hear our loved one has cancer:   […]

Where is the liver located

Clear images to give you a clear answer on the question: where is the liver located. Your liver is partly protected by the rib cage. Your liver consists of two lobes: the right lobe is about six times the size of your left lobe.   Where is the liver in the body?   The scan […]

Where is your liver?

Have a look where is your liver and how a cancer patient like me can feel his liver (so can you but not so easy) at: Where is your liver