Jim’s son happy 1 year metastatic liver cancer anniversary

Update by Jim on his son’s battle with metastatic liver cancer – primary colon cancer – (read the whole cancer story at Jim’s son’s victory over metastatic liver cancer).   Tomorrow will the first anniversary of my son’s diagnosis of colorectal cancer with liver mets, and today he has just had his 15th round of … Read more

Colon cancer survivor

Update on Jim’s’ son: both colon cancer survivor and metastatic liver cancer survivor.   We urge all colon cancer survivors and all metastatic liver cancer survivors to share their experience in order to inspire others that are going the same road.   We thank Jim for his continuous updates about his son, who was diagnosed … Read more

Jim’s son’s victory over metastatic liver cancer

Today is special because:   Jim’s son is in remission for his secondary liver cancer  father would have celebrated his 78th birthday   Jim has been updating us about his son’s spread cancers for months now. Things keep on looking better thanks to:   having professional help from his aunt: an experienced oncology nurse with … Read more

Metastatic liver cancer treatment

Cancer count down from 2100 to 35. Jim happily updates the results of his son’s metastatic liver cancer treatment just before his next PET scan in March.   How to cure secondary liver cancer?   Jim’s son is one of the way too few secondary liver cancer survivors that are contributing to our site.   … Read more

Successful colon cancer treatment

  Jim’s son successful colon cancer treatment includes colon cancer chemotherapy – Oxaliplatin & Xeloda – and alternative cancer treatments given by a family member practitioner: an oncology nurse with an Msc. in cancer nursing.   Stage iv colon cancer   Jim’s son has stage iv colon cancer spread to liver and lungs, a loving … Read more

Jim’s son successful secondary liver cancer treatment

Jim updates us how his son’s secondary liver cancer treatment even surprises his oncologist… Jim’s son is one of our 4 secondary liver cancer survivors we recommend you read about at how to survive secondary liver cancer.   Jim summarizes his son’s secondary liver cancer treatment as follows:   My son is staying positive and … Read more

Colon cancer spread to liver

Jim from Australia shares his son’s colon cancer spread to liver and lung story.   It’s the second time we mention a colon cancer spreading to the liver. Read why a colon cancer suddenly shows up in the liver at : Colon cancer metastasized to liver.   Metastatic liver cancer treatments   In Jim son’s … Read more