Metastatic Liver Cancer

At this rate I might damn well live forever

Get inspired by Trish when you want to learn about the ups and downs during a metastatic liver cancer treatment.   95% of the time I am happy. 5% of the time I get down and I can’t sleep.   Trish lets you look inside her life and emotions from 2 years before she was […]

How to survive metastatic liver cancer?

Trish, one of our 2 metastatic liver cancer survivors has some questions for Dan – our other metastatic liver cancer survivor-.   Trish: recommended readings about cancer and cancer stages:   colon cancer stages: an overview from Stage 0 cancer to Stage IV cancer  Stages of throat cancer: a clear overview of 2 different ways […]

More news from Trish – metastatic liver cancer survivor

  Thanks Trish for explaining how embarrassment can kill, please come back and write more!     If you are a caregiver of a loved one with metastatic liver cancer , please read Trish’s cancer story.   Why? Because:   It is rare to hear first hand what really goes on in the mind of […]

Metastatic liver cancer survivor

After more than 100 secondary liver cancer stories told by loved ones, we are happy to introduce you to Trish who left her comment at Metastatic liver cancer mind games.   Thrish is seemingly using all the cancer treatments out there to survive metastatic liver cancer for more than 21 months after being diagnosed.   […]