Metastatic Liver Cancer

Snowman cancer story (3)

The snowman cancer story : no more spoken words from father… This week, "the snowman melted completely" ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ (see previous post : snowman cancer story (2)) Eradicate cancer! Since father is in heaven, he is allowed to dream big! Let’s grant fathers’ wish to not limit ourselves in finding cancer treatments, yet : […]

Snowman cancer story (2)

The snowman cancer story continues… Yet "the snowman melted a lot" today ๐Ÿ™ (see previous post : snowman cancer story)

Palliative care: Sleep is good for you

Mom was better after a long good rest of sleep. Father was the same: no big change in his secondary liver cancer, yet more active than yesterday. Fathers belly is getting as big as well: you know those pictures of kids in Africa that are skinny with a big belly… That’s what fathers’ cancer looks […]

1 – 2 – 3 SLEEP!

Sleep deprivation Finally we convinced mom to take a sleeping pill. For those who raised kids: sleep deprivation when baby cries is manageable when: you are 20something or 30something sooner or later the baby will be a silent toddler Yet moms sleep deprivation could only become worse as: she is 70 something the metastatic liver […]

Palliative care: keeping sane

Try to smell the flowers, like going in your garden and discover the first spring flowers… That’s what I do to set my mind away from the daily care of fathers’ secondary liver cancer. Each time I watch the flowers, I cry, yet it keeps me sane. If I pretend nothing is wrong, I can […]


And not duragesic. We gave father a stronger dose as we all interpret fathers’ face as being in pain. Father asked for drops, and the only drops he ever took are the Contramal drops. Fathers’ pain medication went from Durogesic patch 25microgram/h to 50. No patch from 37.5: kind of all or nothing this pain […]

What goes up must go down

A follow up on yesterdays’ Lord of Pain That fathers’ secondary liver cancer is taking him down is a fact. Yet the way down is not a straight line. His cancer moves more like waves: yesterday father was visiting people today father was in bed and seemed to be in pain Seemed to be in […]

Lord of Pain

Lord of pain…, Lord of cancer… My believe in the Lord has been scattered a lot since father is suffering from secondary liver cancer. Personally I find the Lord a big coward for not wanting to show us where the primary cancer is. Why are we not at least given a fair chance to beat […]

Unwanted cancer visitors

A day at the zoo When you go to a Zoo, you pay entrance and you are so kind to pay for food to feed the animals. Opposite today: Our at lunch visitors: free entry, no food… Today’s cancer story… We had some brothers and sisters from father on a visit. Saying: oh nice, you […]

Palliative care and elderly care

One of moms’ sisters (a retired nurse and care giver in an elderly care home) dropped by today to have a look how we were coping in giving care to father’s metastatic liver cancer. She already stayed with mom a week, so she is a real help. The great thing is that : She doesn’t […]

Metastatic liver cancer quote of the day

Although father is no more actively updating his cancer story site, he still keeps on talking. So let me write down some sentences he says: these sentences are snapshots but are very useful when summarizing what actually happens during palliative care. Tired and sleepy I am so tired,I could sleep for 2 days. There are […]

Cancer care: Duragesic against chronic pain

Duragesic patch Father is taking Duragesic patches: Duragesic provides continuous pain relief for 72 hours… we are talking morphine here. Duragesic side effects Is this a typical duragesic patch problem, or is it the metastatic liver cancer taking all energy out of father? We notice a Duragesic patch side effects pattern: the day after father’s […]

Snowman Cancer Story

Metastatic liver cancer takes a patient… like the sun takes a snowman…: if it freezes, the snowman does not melt, stays the same, yet will never get bigger. if it gets warmer a bit, the snowman melts a bit on a hot sunny day: the snowman melts a lot… Last few days, it seems like […]

Palliative care is no room service

I keep on getting asked: don’t you have palliative care to help you out? As when you have palliative care, all should be smooth and easy… Oh yes we do have palliative care and oh yes we really need all the help we can get as this metastatic liver cancer is really sucking the energy […]

Palliative Care

Mom is caregiver to help father with his metastatic liver cancer. Sounds great, yet mom is 75 years old yet 20 years in spirits. But her body is feeling the fatigue so hard, that now her back is in tremendous pain. Tramadol Mom takes a painkiller listed in my Top 10 pain killers. For those […]

Spreading metastatic liver cancer

Or like father says: “if politicians would allocate as much money as fast as my cancer is spreading in my liver, this world would be a better place for all of us!” Metastatic liver cancer top 2000 Metastatic Liver Cancer is proudly accepted to spread our cancer message through 2000 Bloggers, thanks to Tino who […]

Risperdal side effects

For father the Risperdal side effects are: paizoefjnmqssf In other words… Risperdal side effects are no effects at all Father didn’t take Risperdal yesterday, for some reason he spitted it out. Today father was active all the time (what happened to the naps a lot of cancer patients take? father just didn’t sleep at all, […]

Secondary liver cancer: fed up

So I wsh you all a good morning, yet I am going to bed.

Humanly metastatic liver cancer

Why do people ask the obvious questions: "how are you" or "what is wrong" like I just read in the cancer story of "bomb in my belly"… Having a metastatic liver cancer, I answer "humanly" First time I was diagnosed and was asked "how are you", I didn’t answer. I mean, what to answer? It’s […]

Beat metastatic liver cancer with sleep aids

If you are a regular reader of metastatic liver cancer, you know the cancer treatment I have is merely treating my symptoms: a bad functioning liver and pain relief. Yet all this is easy said in theory. My main problem these days were sleeping problems, hallucinations and more trouble sleeping Cancer takes away energy Add […]

Passing the torch, keeping the metastatic liver cancer

I retire and pass the torch I had a good rest and have lots of new energy now being back at home. All this for now, what the next minute brings I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t even know what the last minute brought… I said it in the hospital and I repeat it again: […]

Back Home!

Just back home, took nap, give big hug back to Diana, seems lots of more palliative care and hospice care is invited, I don’t care, I am feeling happy to be home!

Secondary liver cancer treatment

… needs a lot of people: I have seen lots of people and even my sister is constantly around: less tension in the air and today the pain is not too much…

Metastatic liver cancer update

Father is still in the hospital… ๐Ÿ™ The cancer treatment at home wasn’t as easy as we were told it would be… Palliative metastatic liver cancer treatment We were told it would be easy in the sense that father would feel more pain gradually and that we had to administer him more painkillers gradually. Add […]

Cancer treatment: back to hospital

Palliative care and hospice Cancer treatment at home is noble yet difficult. Getting rid of the symptoms of cancer is difficult when the doctors don’t tell you in advance what really is going to happen when you do your palliative cancer treatment at home. No cancer cure : give pain medication So we were told: the […]

What if the metastatic liver cancer outnumbers the primary cancer?

I already explained in my previous metastatic liver cancer post why Bush fails as an oncologist, as an example how a patient should be asked what he wants first. Another metastatic liver cancer Saddam-Bush story This story is even a better example on how one can waste time with a so called cure. It is […]

7 Reasons to fail Bush as Oncologist

Suppose Bush = Oncologist and Iraq = Patient The Iraq war is a nice comparison to cancer: it is bad, casualties are falling and it needs to be cured. We all agree about that. Yet let me compare what went wrong if Bush was an oncologist and Iraq was a patient. Reason 1: a patient […]

Another metastatic liver cancer

Answer to comment on: Metastatic Liver Cancer Secrets Strangely but true: the older we get, the LESS preventive blood-tests are taken, (I got from 6 months suddenly to only 1 test a year by a different doctor than the one that used to do my 6 month tests…) as if doctors think we are at […]

Metastatic Liver Cancer Secrets

Cancer treatment in my case is pain management. More pain more painkiller case closed, so said my doctor. And some constipation problems, sounds manageable. What day is it today and other secrets… What they didn’t tell me was that I would not remember what day it is. Very bad, since I lost a bet thinking […]

Liver cancer survival rate

Red nose liver cancer survival rate The number is as big as the chance you spotting a red nose on the reindeer on the left… Yes, you actually need a miracle… Yet isn’t that what Christmas is all about: the birth of the person who performed miracles? Anyway, seems no miracle for me this Christmas. […]

Cancer story

Yesterday I woke up vomiting, just a few minutes before my next dose of painkiller has to be taken. I was the whole day in bed, so yesterday the "metastatic liver cancer" was winning over quality of life ๐Ÿ™

Liver cancer symptoms

Normally one doesn’t find out you have liver cancer, since the liver cancer symptoms are not so logical to conclude that you have liver cancer. Liver cancer symptom For me, my liver cancer symptom was vomiting for no reason and vomiting without anything coming out. So I was sent from 1 specialist to the other, […]

Spreading the news like cancer!

I got a new hug today from Susy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! “Quality of life” in palliative care can be as simple as that, once a cancer hits you. Hugs back to all of you! Good cancer news The good thing about cancer is that there is an expression that says: it is spreading like cancer. And […]

Metastatic liver cancer cause

How my metastatic liver cancer can serve a bigger cause? Since I have been diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer, I started this website. First I wanted to bombast my anger on the health care social worker who refused to help me. But then I decided not to take 5FU chemotherapy: meaning I decided not to […]

Cancer and memory loss

I wanted to write: I got my first hug in this blog! (hug from Jane at: Metastatic Liver Cancer : Happy Days) But my wife, always monitoring me if new women step into my world said: "you already have another hug from Kim at Cancer and liver pain" So I forgot 2 things: Kim’s hug […]

How much cancer costs

A lot! A lot of money goes into chemotherapy cancer and then there are the cancer treatment side-effects. In my adenocarcinoma cancer case without a cancer treatment: the side effects of my metastatic liver cancer also cost lots of money. Costs for cancer diagnosis I don’t have to pay for cancer treatment as such, since […]

Herbal cancer pain relief

Metastatic liver cancer vs Valeriana Officinalis What has metastatic liver cancer in common with valeriana officinalis? They are what I call "expensive" words: those words spoken by expensive people like doctors, surgeons and oncologist… Metastatic liver cancer is a bad and ugly cancer that grows in the wild. Valeriana Officinalis is a small and cute […]

Metastatic liver cancer : happy days

Metastatic liver cancer the bad days Vomiting, constipated, too much pain, sleeping all day. Metastatic liver cancer the good days Not so many but yesterday was one: got a visit from my other son who lives 4 hours away and he brought me a Santa present (just that Santa comes in our tradition the 6th […]

Top 10 pain killers

See the pain medication stages for my metastatic liver cancer summarized in my previous post: cancer and liver pain. Cancer pain management stage 1 : paracetamol This was "easy": I feel pain so I try 500mg paracetamol, if that doesn’t work, I try the 500mg again. My doctor complained I should take the 1000mg or […]

Cancer and liver pain

I am in pain because the metastatic liver cancer in my liver is growing. My liver is growing, pushing against other organs and my ribs: all causing me pain. The more the cancer in my liver grows, the more pain I will have. What are pain killers pain killers don’t let you feel the pain, […]

Funny metastatic liver cancer pictures

Smile! ๐Ÿ™‚ You are entering a cancer zone ๐Ÿ™‚ If you knowย a person in your life who has cancer, you probably say: “gosh I shouldย visit him or her, but I do feel so uncomfortable about cancer… what am I going to say anyway? Better I don’t go…” So here I am: having cancer and no […]

Metastatic Liver cancer: Fu like in F you!

Ok, let me explain… 5FU chemotherapy This was a "no brainer" for me: 5FU chemotherapy: F you! Funny to say now, but I had tears in my eyes when I got the news that 5FU/Oxaliplatin would be the logical adenocarcinoma treatment for me. I am 75 and very weak, have bad lungs and the chemotherapy […]

Adenocarcinoma treatment

I already explained about my specific "adenocarcinoma treatment" at Metastatic liver cancer facts : secondary liver cancer. Adenocarcinoma treatment 2 things are important for adenocarcinoma treatment: In which stage did they find the cancer (in an early stage or not) Where does the adenocarcinoma come from? If you are early in diagnosing your cancer, you […]

Metastatic liver cancer pain

Cancer and liver pain Or just pain because my liver is growing too much: if you ask me, my metastatic liver cancer made my belly 6cm or about 2 inches bigger…. But too much pain. I took my painkiller at midnight but didn’t take it a 6am in the morning. Seems the doctor is coming […]

Metastatic liver cancer : Anger Management Technique 1

Metastatic liver cancer: I don’t like it! Says my wife in an angry mood: “If you don’t like it here, you can go back to the hospital.” … It is not that I don’t like it here, It is just : I don’t like having cancer I do notice I get angry about things I […]

Metastatic liver cancer facts update

More liver cancer + ??? = More sleep (?) I always was fast in algebra, still faster than the kids with their calculator… Maths was as bad as a tumor in the brain, yet the above equation is easy in the maths of metastatic liver cancer facts: More liver cancer + More painkiller = More sleep […]

Cancer makes me tired

Yesterday was a silent day: I woke up to eat, went back to bed, and did this 3 times… Today already is a new day… This cancer makes me sleepy or is it that the damage caused by the cancer to my liver is making me more tired? So in the end it is not […]

Cancer and decisions

My dear wife has "always" been the boss in the house, and I was the boss outside the house: meaning that she took most of the decisions and life went on pretty fast and good. My wife has troubles going up the stairs to our bedroom where I spend most of my time before the […]

Liver cancer treatment : how?

Today I should have gone to get a second opinion about my metastatic liver cancer. The first doctor that diagnosed my cancer already told me to do so 1 month ago. Yet: once I heard that I had cancer ; life was no more as "easy’ as before. Kind of ironic that my now way […]

Liver cancer chaos…

After being diagnosed with liver cancer, life became very chaotic around me. My children are suddenly running up and down doing lots of things in order to make my cancer problem more visible. Yet I don’t have a clear view of how they can cure my cancer, nor do I feel like getting more tests: […]

Metastatic Liver Cancer

I was vomiting for months now, and no doctor could tell me why exactly. Some doctors kept saying there was something wrong with my equilibrium system in my ear (old age disease…) Yet after tests and more tests, doctors found out I have a metastatic liver cancer: in plain English: there is a tumor in […]