Snowman cancer story (3)

The snowman cancer story : no more spoken words from father… This week, "the snowman melted completely" 🙁 🙁 🙁 (see previous post : snowman cancer story (2)) Eradicate cancer! Since father is in heaven, he is allowed to dream big! Let’s grant fathers’ wish to not limit ourselves in finding cancer treatments, yet : … Read more

1 – 2 – 3 SLEEP!

Sleep deprivation Finally we convinced mom to take a sleeping pill. For those who raised kids: sleep deprivation when baby cries is manageable when: you are 20something or 30something sooner or later the baby will be a silent toddler Yet moms sleep deprivation could only become worse as: she is 70 something the metastatic liver … Read more


And not duragesic. We gave father a stronger dose as we all interpret fathers’ face as being in pain. Father asked for drops, and the only drops he ever took are the Contramal drops. Fathers’ pain medication went from Durogesic patch 25microgram/h to 50. No patch from 37.5: kind of all or nothing this pain … Read more

Lord of Pain

Lord of pain…, Lord of cancer… My believe in the Lord has been scattered a lot since father is suffering from secondary liver cancer. Personally I find the Lord a big coward for not wanting to show us where the primary cancer is. Why are we not at least given a fair chance to beat … Read more

Snowman Cancer Story

Metastatic liver cancer takes a patient… like the sun takes a snowman…: if it freezes, the snowman does not melt, stays the same, yet will never get bigger. if it gets warmer a bit, the snowman melts a bit on a hot sunny day: the snowman melts a lot… Last few days, it seems like … Read more

Palliative Care

Mom is caregiver to help father with his metastatic liver cancer. Sounds great, yet mom is 75 years old yet 20 years in spirits. But her body is feeling the fatigue so hard, that now her back is in tremendous pain. Tramadol Mom takes a painkiller listed in my Top 10 pain killers. For those … Read more

Risperdal side effects

For father the Risperdal side effects are: paizoefjnmqssf In other words… Risperdal side effects are no effects at all Father didn’t take Risperdal yesterday, for some reason he spitted it out. Today father was active all the time (what happened to the naps a lot of cancer patients take? father just didn’t sleep at all, … Read more

Liver cancer symptoms

Normally one doesn’t find out you have liver cancer, since the liver cancer symptoms are not so logical to conclude that you have liver cancer. Liver cancer symptom For me, my liver cancer symptom was vomiting for no reason and vomiting without anything coming out. So I was sent from 1 specialist to the other, … Read more

How much cancer costs

A lot! A lot of money goes into chemotherapy cancer and then there are the cancer treatment side-effects. In my adenocarcinoma cancer case without a cancer treatment: the side effects of my metastatic liver cancer also cost lots of money. Costs for cancer diagnosis I don’t have to pay for cancer treatment as such, since … Read more

Herbal cancer pain relief

Metastatic liver cancer vs Valeriana Officinalis What has metastatic liver cancer in common with valeriana officinalis? They are what I call "expensive" words: those words spoken by expensive people like doctors, surgeons and oncologist… Metastatic liver cancer is a bad and ugly cancer that grows in the wild. Valeriana Officinalis is a small and cute … Read more

Top 10 pain killers

See the pain medication stages for my metastatic liver cancer summarized in my previous post: cancer and liver pain. Cancer pain management stage 1 : paracetamol This was "easy": I feel pain so I try 500mg paracetamol, if that doesn’t work, I try the 500mg again. My doctor complained I should take the 1000mg or … Read more

Cancer and liver pain

I am in pain because the metastatic liver cancer in my liver is growing. My liver is growing, pushing against other organs and my ribs: all causing me pain. The more the cancer in my liver grows, the more pain I will have. What are pain killers pain killers don’t let you feel the pain, … Read more

Adenocarcinoma treatment

I already explained about my specific "adenocarcinoma treatment" at Metastatic liver cancer facts : secondary liver cancer. Adenocarcinoma treatment 2 things are important for adenocarcinoma treatment: In which stage did they find the cancer (in an early stage or not) Where does the adenocarcinoma come from? If you are early in diagnosing your cancer, you … Read more