How to deal with pain

From Cathy to Pammy (request-from-pammy)Pammy, My younger sister was also recently diagnosed with 4th stage metastaic liver cancer with the primary being her esophagus. She too has a 5 year old son and is a single mother. Due to lack of insurance she has fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system. She is in … Read more

Migraine prevention

Yesterday my hubby had a terrible headache, which sounded to me like migraine. I played doctor myself and gave him the following migraine treatment prescription. Hubby mentioned he used to take "Cafergot" for it, yet we don’t have that in our house. Main 2 reasons why he has a migraine I guess is: having a … Read more

Pain relief

If you have metastatic liver cancer, make sure you get well informed about pain relief. Says the doctor: “your pain will go from little to bad to worse” yet we will give you pain medication for each of these 3 stages (little, bad, worse…no kidding) Pain medication Apart from having to live with a cancer, … Read more