Metastatic Liver Cancer

How to deal with pain

From Cathy to Pammy (request-from-pammy)Pammy, My younger sister was also recently diagnosed with 4th stage metastaic liver cancer with the primary being her esophagus. She too has a 5 year old son and is a single mother. Due to lack of insurance she has fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system. She is in […]

Is liver cancer painful?

If you were very attentive in biology class, you know that there are no nerves in the liver, therefore it can’t feel any pain. So what was it all about that father needed more and more painkillers each and every day? This is because a tumor is a growth. And a growth needs space. And […]

Migraine prevention

Yesterday my hubby had a terrible headache, which sounded to me like migraine. I played doctor myself and gave him the following migraine treatment prescription. Hubby mentioned he used to take "Cafergot" for it, yet we don’t have that in our house. Main 2 reasons why he has a migraine I guess is: having a […]

Pain relief

If you have metastatic liver cancer, make sure you get well informed about pain relief. Says the doctor: “your pain will go from little to bad to worse” yet we will give you pain medication for each of these 3 stages (little, bad, worse…no kidding) Pain medication Apart from having to live with a cancer, […]

Nobody told me this…

Says the doctor to the cancer patient: if you have more pain: then you take more painkillers….. Easy… Imagine I put your thumb in a thumbscrew and start tightening it. But I know about pain management, so I give you a painkiller just enough to ease the pain. You say “no problem, I don’t feel […]