Give a hug to Kath-e: metastatic liver cancer patient 3 months in hospice

Please comment to give Kath-e a hug: being a metastatic liver cancer patient with primary non hodgkins lymphoma, she organized and shares her hospice experience: Hi Kaht-e here: I’m in this for three months since my prognosis and a brief update… Things changed since 3 months: I’m on morphine all day long … Funny thing … Read more

What do you say to a man who is going to die

Charlotte’s father’s cancer starts resisting the chemotherapy he gets to cure his colon cancer and secondary liver cancer. In here comment at More news from Trish – metastatic liver cancer survivor, she aks:   What do you say to man who is going to die?   How would you answer that question? Please leave a … Read more

Secondary liver cancer : I feel like I am doing this alone

  Heather feels "she is doing it alone" in her comment at Metastatic liver cancer facts : secondary liver cancer.   That’s why we have our metastatic liver cancer site so everybody can share their experience and feelings with others:   to walk the path of secondary liver cancer together…   We ask all our … Read more

One caregiver is never enough! Patrick’s father has metastatic liver cancer

Patrick is scared for what is to come… Patrick’s story below (commented at Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer?) feels like he is telling our story with our father, our fears included …   We will share what we did in the hope, Patrick, you can gain some much needed strength out of it.   … Read more

Liver cancer story from Sue

Palliative care : Questions from Sue and answers from our metastatic liver cancer experience. Sue’s palliative care questions Sue left this comment at do you have a liver cancer story? God Bless You for what you are trying to do. I am taking care of my 81-year-old mother who up until last year looked and … Read more

Sleep, anger, cancer

Mom and dad were very angry when they first heard father had metastatic liver cancer. But as usual, father succeeded in toning down the angry faces. Father once told me: Eh, be patient! it’s me who is having this terrible cancer disease. And then I considered myself as the patient one… Yet it was not … Read more