Metastatic Liver Cancer

So I started the Process

Well, knowing I had to have it done and in only 2 weeks… didn’t give to much time to “plan” things. No, I didn’t particularly have anything to deal with planning or preperation, no money, no assets nothing where a will would be needed. I didn’t have anything, but I did do some journaling to […]

The Simple Terms of The Doctor’s Diagnosis

At the conference with the doctor, he seemed very sure of himself and his ability but good grief, that’s his business – his skill. He has to be calm! Gotta admit tho, he was really nice about it and reassuring. I’ve been to other doctors that didn’t want to bother answering questions and were not very compassionate or even […]

The Doctor Reveals What the MRI’s Say

My son took me to the nuerologist who said explain the MRI finding to us. Of course neither of us with any medical knowledge, it was all foreign to us. Doctor reviewed the MRI films and said, “there is a very large mass located within the left greater sphenoid wing. The mass has a large […]

I Have Cataracts…It’s Just a Vision Problem…Or Was It?

I hate to have to admit this, but it literally started with nothing. I had no pain. I had no problems. At 47 years old, I had no health problems or symptoms. I have Congenital Cataracts, inherited from my mother’s side of the family – no big deal or major problem. All females have congenital […]

Tumor in the brain

Why do I have so much headaches after the tumor in my brain is removed, that I can not even hold a normal 9 to 5 job? I will post why…