Metastatic Liver Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Gift

Hubby being overseas just sent me a great breast cancer awareness gift: a pink camera! (better than a postcard, mind you…). Hubby actually wanted to buy me a pink handphone, but handphones here are cheaper than where he is. I never saw a pink breast cancer awareness camera here, so I am quite happy to […]

Games for breast cancer awareness

Unfortunately I am not a big football fan, and with hubby overseas, football is the last thing that would cross my mind these days. NFL games for breast cancer awareness Yet it seems that the NFL has dedicated the weekend of October 8 towards breast cancer awareness. Which gave me the idea: why don’t people […]

How are you involved in the breast cancer awareness month

This month is all about breast cancer awareness. Mainly get as much people as possible talking about breast cancer this month.And since money talks as well: during the breast awareness month we want to raise money for breast cancer research. But to be clear, raising money isn’t the primary purpose of this post. In my […]

Breast cancer awareness products

Get breast cancer awareness products to support the cancer survivors and to support those people who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Society in Malaysia was selling pink T-shirts to raise money for the society to provide the necessary support for their members of the public who suffer from this disease. To […]

Breast cancer awareness day

Breast cancer awareness day in UK this month is on Friday 26 October. Everyone is asked to wear pink and donate 2 pounds each so that the research for a CURE for breast cancer can continue. All you have to do is to put on a pink item of your choice, have fun doing it […]

Breast cancer awareness gifts

The one way to participate in the breast cancer awareness month is to buy breast cancer awareness gifts like this "bath spa set". Of course you can now ask yourself: is this a good marketing trick to make the marketer rich or is this really about breast cancer awareness? Well, this question you need to […]

Breast cancer awareness month

Did you know that breast cancer affects 1 in every 9 women worldwide? Make that 1 out of 4 in Asia according to the National cancer registry Malaysia. October is breast cancer awareness month and the B in OctoBer stands for Breast Mammogram. The best means of protection is self examination. To be even more […]

National cancer registry Malaysia

In Malaysia , it seems 1 out of 4 people suffer from cancer and this is a revelation for me. I have a few friends most of them women who were diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. No one seems to know why there is a high incidence of cancer cases but I was told […]

October is breast cancer month

Have you ever wondered why in your office suddenly there are some people wearing pink accessories? Then you have to ask them why! They will be happy to tell you that they are participating in the yearly October breast cancer awareness month. What you need to know is: as soon as you finish reading this […]