Metastatic Liver Cancer

Advanced breast cancer stages

Having breast cancer in remission for 4 years, Heather’s sister out of the blue developed advanced breast cancer stages and passed away less than 4 weeks later.   Her story also touches one of the most difficult questions: do we prolong life any further or do we make the journey to the next life easier? […]

Breast cancer treatment

Jenny is undergoing breast cancer treatment since 1996. She has been treated through breast cancer drugs, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, mastectomy and had a breast reconstruction. Please go and pay Jenny and her hubby a visit to give them your support.   Her love of her life for 41 years is also her care-taker. Being a […]

Breast cancer in liver

Please give advice to Elke who’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in liver: meaning her breast cancer has spread to her liver.     Elke’s sister is undergoing chemotherapy. It’s not clear if this is done as a breast cancer treatment, a liver cancer treatment or both.   The metastatic liver cancers are ‘fast […]

Breast cancer survivor stories – please contact Anne

We got a pessimistic sounding comment of Anne at Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer?. Therefore we call on all breast cancer survivors to share their stories with Anne on our special breast cancer stories pages:   Breast Cancer Stories from women who had breast cancer radiation treatment Breast Cancer Stories to help you discover the […]

Breast cancer story

Saw my friend in the elevator today: her hair is no more, means she is undergoing chemotherapy for her recurrent breast cancer. Since father had metastatic liver cancer, I learned that people just want to carry on with their normal life, so I am no more surprised seeing her showing up at work in stead […]