Robin Gibb death

Robin Gibb, who announced in January 2012 that he had never been ‘at death’s door’, passed away with colon cancer that had spread to the liver.

Colon cancer treatment

  All medical info and patients experiences related to colon cancer treatment in order to better follow the discussion between Lisa whose dad had colon cancer and Mag whose father underwent colon cancer surgery 2 weeks ago.   Read first what doctors can tell you about colon cancer treatments and read more below many cancer … Read more

Symptoms of advanced colon cancer

Read our clear information about symptoms of advanced colon cancer, who is at risk, what are polyps, how to prevent it and Melanie’s sister’s story about surviving the disease. Treatment as well as prevention is more often than not managed by a drastic change in lifestyle.   Advanced colon cancer symptoms   Colon cancer can … Read more

Stage iv colon cancer

Stage iv colon cancer actually means Lisa’s father is dying…   Please give all your hugs, love, experience and support to Lisa.   Stage iv colon cancer story summarized   Lisa’s father underwent chemotherapy for colon cancer. The colon cancer metastized to his liver and the doctors stopped administering the chemotherapy drug Erbitux.   Immediately … Read more

Lisa’s father’s colon cancer spread to his liver

Lisa’s father has had over 130 colon cancer chemotherapy and/or liver cancer treatments in 5 years and still is not in remission. Lisa passes her condolences to Patrick at One caregiver is never enough! Patrick’s father has metastatic liver cancer and feels her father’s body is deteriorating to fast for comfort.   Please add your … Read more

Colon cancer metastasized to liver

Lisa’s father has colon cancer metastasized to liver. Lisa’s father is in pain and stays in bed a lot…   In this post we will explain how a colon cancer ‘suddenly’ becomes a metastatic liver cancer.   We will feature Lisa’s comment at One caregiver is never enough! Patrick’s father has metastatic liver cancer in … Read more

Colon cancer story from Kristen

Comment from Kristen at Liver cancer is a killer, with answer from Metastatic Liver Cancer. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer on Feb.14th, 2007. The doctor gave him 2 days to 2 weeks to live. He died on Feb. 16th, 2007. The cancer had spread and was inoperable. Nothing prepared my family for the … Read more

Colon cancer cure

Listening to the radio, I heard that Singapore just developed a vaccine for treating colon cancer: the most likely cause of father’s metastatic cancer of unknown primary. This is not just "chemotherapy in a pill", like Xeloda is, but it’s a real cancer treatment! Basically the medicine customises the cancer patient’s own special immune cells! … Read more

Colon Cancer Staging

This is a follow up on my previous Colon Cancer Staging post. I had some more questions about it related to dad’s colon cancer, but thanks to the Dad cancer update by brother, I still have the same questions and no answers yet. First and foremost, let me show you the list of cancer types … Read more

Stage 4 colon cancer

Although most people already faint when they hear the word cancer, what you really don’t want to hear is a stage 4 cancer. Stage 4 colon cancer means that the colon cancer has spread to other organs, generally that’s to the liver but it might as well go to the lungs or any other organ. … Read more

Too close for comfort

Unlike with father’s metastatic liver cancer where I blogged a lot about each and every day in the life of father dealing with his liver cancer, I am reluctant to write about dad (dad has colon cancer). It does make a difference when you are talking about your real dad in stead of your father … Read more

Colon Cancer Signs

According to dad’s surgeon (dad has colon cancer), dad’s cancer was already 2 years old, so we should have seen the red flags in stead of thinking that dad had yet another food poisoning… Dad is my biological dad, father who died from metastatic liver cancer is hubby’s father… Dad was chronically constipated (due to … Read more

Dad has colon cancer

As a follow up of our previous dad has colon cancer post: dad had the cancer removed the operation went well dad already opened his eyes once according to the surgeon, dad will not die from cancer. We keep our fingers crossed because everybody knows that a colon is something that has to work every … Read more

Dad has colon cancer

The reason why most things in this world come in pairs, is that when one thing fails, you still have another one to replace it. Now when you marry, you get another father for the price of one. Unfortunately one father died because of metastatic liver cancer and now we hear that my father has … Read more

Colon Cancer

Father is no more fighting his metastatic liver cancer, but others are. Read the cancer story below (sent to us last month, but we were too occupied in our own cancer fight). The similarities with fathers’ metastatic liver cancer are clear: you want to live your life "as normal as possible", although your clock is … Read more