Metastatic Liver Cancer

Small cell carcinoma of the lungs

What do you do when your oncologist gives you a small cell lung cancer prognosis of 6 months with chemotherapy and half as long without chemotherapy?   Gary wants to know. Please share your experience like we share ours.   Small cell lung cancer prognosis and secondary liver cancer   As far as I have […]

Give Nicole a hug: her father has stage iv lung cancer

Please simply drop by now and give Nicole a hug. Her father can no longer undergo lung cancer treatments nor liver cancer treatments and Nicole can’t afford a card box funeral…     My questions to Nicole   Is your father suffering from asbestos lung cancer, mesothelioma lung cancer, or did he like my neighbour […]

Please pray for Kathy’s liver metastasis

Kathy was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and metastatic liver cancer. Her sister Phyllis wrote the following comment on Cancer stages: cancer story from Gina Hage   My sister was just diagnosed with lung cancer (never smoked) brain,bone and liver metastasis and in her glands. She did not have any symptoms, only occasional headaches which […]

Why would I tell you I have lung cancer?

I am thinking back about my neighbour who died about 20 years ago of lung cancer. We talked about a lot of things as we were friends. We saw each other every day but he never told me he had lung cancer, not even on the day that I visited him in the hospital. I […]