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secondary liver cancer:

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What is Secondary liver cancer?

Secondary liver cancer is exactly the same as metastatic liver cancer : static means something (the cancer) does not move. Metastatic means the something moved towards something else. So putting A and B together: metastatic liver cancer says that a cancer moved towards the liver.

The liver is an easy "target" to move to, as soones or later all your blood goes passes your liver.

Secondary liver cancer: putting A and B together

  • A : you need to find a treatment for the primary cancer
  • B: you need to find a treatment for the metastatic cancer
  • C: (yes it is a complicated matter: you need to find treatments for the symptoms of cancer)

On top of that : if you have a secondary liver cancer, the healthy liver functions will become less and less. Liver Liver detoxifiers and liver herbs cannot reverse the liver damage. There will most likely come a time that the secondary liver cancer patient cannot add A to B anymore (you can read examples of these problems caused by liver damage in the blog at metastatic liver cancer. is . Your liver is no more cleaning your blood as it should, "dirty blood" comes in your brain and suddenly your brainpower is gone to add A to B. You need ALL THE HELP of anybody you can find in living with secondary liver cancer.

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