Jim’s son’s victory over metastatic liver cancer

Today is special because:   Jim’s son is in remission for his secondary liver cancer  father would have celebrated his 78th birthday   Jim has been updating us about his son’s spread cancers for months now. Things keep on looking better thanks to:   having professional help from his aunt: an experienced oncology nurse with … Read more

What pharmaceutical company Merck cannot teach you about metastatic liver cancer

Merck has no cure available to treat secondary liver cancer, so we recommend to get your support from our metastatic liver cancer survivors.   Why does Google rank Merck first?   Google for "metastatic liver cancer" and the top 2 results points to pharmaceutical company Merck:   Tumors of the liver  Liver Masses and Granulomas … Read more

New metastatic liver cancer treatment: chocolate?

Eclairs covered with lots of chocolate was father’s new cancer treatment as in …a treat that brought a smile on father’s face!   Love is the best medicine!   Love doesn’t cure cancer and for sure chocolate is not a treatment for metastatic liver cancer. But love is the best foundation to give the much … Read more

Liver cancer in the family

In the liver cancer story from Jessica it is not clear whether she talks about a primary cancer or a metastatic liver cancer. But the outcome is clear: too many people die from cancer… Notice how Jessica prays for a cure for all cancers where we take it one step further and pray that people … Read more

Death of actor Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, 55, who starred in Ghost with Demi Moore and Dirty Dancing has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as reported initially by the National Enquirer and New York Post. Now his doctor has confirmed this as well. Ghost Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore Patrick Swayze dirty dancing with Jennifer Grey Death sentence rumours We … Read more