More metastatic liver cancer minds out of control

We are getting lots of cancer stories reacties sharing how the mind of a metastatic liver cancer patient runs out of control as well as his body is. Read how we were not prepared for this and read Donna’s metastatic liver cancer story of her husband "seeing things".   Not prepared for the mind playing … Read more

Metastatic liver cancer end symptoms

You can easily compare the metastatic liver cancer end symptoms to your beloved snowman melting away in front of your eyes… It’s already bad enough that modern health care isn’t able to detect metastatic liver cancer symptoms early. Doctors don’t prepare you for the deterioration of the liver cancer patient either….   All the information … Read more

Metastatic liver cancer

Another metastatic liver cancer story: from Idana, posted 3 months ago on Pammy’s Liver cancer story : please give your hugs! Idana’s metastatic liver cancer story I’m reading this….. My dad just got diagnosed with metastasic liver cancer, and he is feeling terrible, so do we. We will see the oncologist in two days for … Read more

Liver cancer story from Sue

Palliative care : Questions from Sue and answers from our metastatic liver cancer experience. Sue’s palliative care questions Sue left this comment at do you have a liver cancer story? God Bless You for what you are trying to do. I am taking care of my 81-year-old mother who up until last year looked and … Read more