Successful colon cancer treatment

  Jim’s son successful colon cancer treatment includes colon cancer chemotherapy – Oxaliplatin & Xeloda – and alternative cancer treatments given by a family member practitioner: an oncology nurse with an Msc. in cancer nursing.   Stage iv colon cancer   Jim’s son has stage iv colon cancer spread to liver and lungs, a loving … Read more

New survivor Patti’s secondary liver cancer treatment eliminating chemotherapy side effects

Our 5th secondary liver cancer survivor Patty shares her latest cancer treatment option eliminating stress and eliminating chemotherapy side effects. Please comment if your experience is similar as hers.   Patti has secondary liver cancer with unknown primary. In other words: traditional health care has little to no clue how to treat a cancer they … Read more

Can chemotherapy cure metastatic liver cancer?

  From all the metastatic liver cancer stories we gather, few of them are told by a cancer survivor.   Some that passed away did get chemotherapy, but this cancer treatment was only to:   reduce pain (in case it can temporarily reduce or slow down the growth of a cancer)  prolong life.   But … Read more

How do you prevent liver cancer

Since there is no miracle liver cancer treatment, you better read our answers about how do your prevent liver cancer. Liver cancer is the most common cancer in the world. It is also the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. You might enjoy the stories of cancer survivors, but reality is bitter. The prognosis … Read more