Liver Cancer

metastatic liver cancer facts

Liver cancer explained for patients and their loved ones. Clear information about treatments, symptoms, prognosis, primary and secondary liver cancer.

What is liver cancer, what are your options



Liver Cancer Summary
A short summary about primary and secondary liver cancer and treatments.

  • Primary liver cancer
    What questions to ask your doctor. Main difference between primary and secondary liver cancer. Why this difference is important for prognosis and treatment.

  • Secondary liver cancer
    Homepage answering all your cancer cure and cancer treatment questions. Father died with secondary liver cancer.Read his cancer story and palliative care days.

    Metastatic liver cancer
    Metastatic liver cancer explained for patients and their loved ones. Clear information about treatments, symptoms, secondary liver cancer prognosis, hospice and palliative care. Ask your questions and share cancer stories about metastatic liver cancer facts.

Liver cancer symptoms
How father finally find out he had liver cancer (metastatic liver cancer with unknown primary).

Signs of liver cancer
The signs of liver cancer are too general in order to diagnose liver cancer in an early stage


Liver cancer treatment
Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, liver transplantation, new and alternative cancer treatments.



How long can you live with liver cancer
The liver cancer survival rate is low. From all the liver cancer stories we gathered: you can live from 2 weeks to 3 years. Each liver cancer is different so your doctor will be in the best position to answer you.

  • Stage 4 liver cancer
    Stage 4 liver cancer is the last stage in medical terms because medical care will usually change into palliative care.

  • End stage liver cancer
    End stage liver cancer or stage 4 liver cancer seen from the perspective of the cancer which has now spread from the liver to another place or places in the body. (Metastatic liver cancer is when a primary cancer has spread to the liver).


Causes of liver cancer
The causes nobody talks about: liver cancer causes are similar as why the bald eagle almost got extinct...


  • Does Lipator cause cancer of the liver
    Lipotor (commonly known as Lipator), Effexor, Tegrotol... can damage your liver, but living on planet earth in general is the cause for most cancers.