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Metastatic liver cancer facts:

  1. What does metastatic mean?
    read: (Metastatic liver cancer facts)
  2. What is a primary cancer
  3. What is a secondary cancer? read: (Secondary Liver cancer)
  4. How to treat cancer

Summarized: metastatic liver cancer facts

  1. Metastatic
    A metastatic cancer is a cancer that has spread from its' place of origin to another place or other places in the body. Also called secondary tumor or secondary cancer.
  2. Primary Cancer
    his is a cancer that started "on its own" in a certain place of your body.
  3. Secondary cancer
    This is a cancer that spread from the location of the primary cancer to another place in your body. This means you have 2 cancers!
  4. How to treat cancer (summarized!!!)
    1. Find it and get rid of it
    2. Don't treat it, only treat the symptoms (like pain, feeling bad, sad and/or angry, vomiting, being tired)

Secondary Liver Cancer (22-Nov-06)

Metastatic liver cancer (20-Nov-06)

This page will summarize what I as a patient learnt about the metastatic liver cancer facts.

Feelings in stead of facts...

  • a metastatic liver cancer sounds very serious
  • this type of cancer seems very difficult to cure

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