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Top 5 Things I want to do still having cancer:

  1. Stop the people around me thinking I am a cancer
  2. Playing cards
  3. Come out of bed
  4. Sleep tight
  5. Finding a cure for cancer

Where is your liver in a picture?


As you can see, the liver is protected under your ribs for the biggest part. This is a good thing, as your liver is important to clean your body, filter your blood, there where your lungs give you the oxygen to keep your body "running".

The liver is close to your heart, as a lot of blood gets directly from the heart into the liver to get filtered.

Without lungs, no life, without a liver: you will also die soon because of "garbage" piling up in your body system. Ok, the liver does much more, but I just want to point out where is your liver and explaining why it is there and not on top of your head. Laughter is the best medicine they say... In short:

  • your lungs breath life
  • your liver sustains life

Go to your butcher and have a look at the livers they sell: it's quite a big organ. In a person, its kind of the size of a football if you would roll it up as good as you could.

Where is your liver: can you feel it?

Thanks to my growing metastatic liver cancer, I can... I wish I couldn't... I can feel my tumor growing and being hard right in the middle where my ribs come together (just underneath there).

Yet a liver doesn't feel pain: it is the pressure of my liver pushing on my other organs that makes me feeling pain.

For normal livers: if you take your right hand finger and go just underneath your right ribs at the side of your body, you are poking in the bottom of your liver (if you don't believe me: poke hard and you will feel a sensation that you are not used to...)

Metastatic liver cancer (09-Nov-06)

There are 2 kinds of liver cancer:

  • the cancer cells are eating away your healthy liver cells
  • the cancer cells are pushing away your liver cells

My metastatic liver cancer is pushing away the healthy liver cells, so in plain English: my liver is becoming bigger and bigger, and I can feel it (see how to feel where is your liver in the middle of this page)

Feelings to come...

  • since my liver is getting bigger and bigger, it is pushing against my stomach, and I do feel a lot of stomach pain... This pain will increase when my liver increases
  • god forbid but this is my imagination: what is going to happen if my liver becomes so big it will explode? I am not a doctor but a logical human being figuring out what to come :-(
  • when I sleep, I don't feel pain, when I wake up, I do feel pain..

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