Metastatic Liver Cancer | What could make you healthier?

What could make you healthier?

The best cancer treatment is your healthy body

As long as there is no bullet proof cure for cancer, it all boils down to Darwin’s survival of the fittest. The best way to get ahead of cancer is:

Cancer prevention boils down to eating and living healthy, keeping a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Easier said than done in a world were your job stresses you out, car smoke pollutes your air, food is filled with herbicides plus pesticides residue’s and water is polluted.

But if your life is dear to you, then you cannot use all the above as an excuse. Father had been smoking, had worked with asbestos and didn’t eat much vegetables nor fruit. Father died with metastatic liver cancer in a way I wouldn’t even wish my worst enemy.

So if your life is dear to you, start doing all the things that our metastatic liver cancer survivors are doing:

Books you could buy

Before you start buying any books about cancer cures, do know that none of the people contributed to this site have a loved one that survived secondary liver cancer. None. If "the miracle cure book" was out there, you would have heard about it already and wouldn’t be spending your time on our site. The books mentioned below don’t offer any miracle 🙁 .

If you or your loved one has a cancer that spread to the liver, read about:

You could buy books that talk about how food can boost your immune system and prevent you from having cancer. It’s not rocket science but science that our ancestors have been carrying with them for ages.

The most important things to do are:

You can also buy books that talk about alternative cancer treatments. Do know that some people both went the alternative and the conventional path, and still didn’t find a cure. Some of these books have anecdotal evidence that some foods kept the person much longer alive than the prognosis predicted by their doctors. Whilst each person is different, most likely what worked for one, doesn’t have to work for another. Each person will tell you what he or she thinks was most important to keep them alive, which boils down to the 6 steps we summarized above and some foods not everybody has heard of.

Cancer Prevention

What we mentioned above: the 6 steps that enhance a healthy life stile and could prevent cancer. You will actually pay to read how to live a healthy lifestyle.

cancer prevention

Click here for a book about cancer prevention ($59.95) : you can return the book in 60 days if the information you found there you already knew.

  • Do you smoke,
  • are you overweight,
  • do you drink lots of milk,
  • do you take contraceptive pills,
  • do you eat white bread or
  • do you not eat at least 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day?

Then this book tells you what you need to change to prevent cancer. You can of course save yourself the $59.95 and stop smoking, reduce your weight, reduce eating/drinking dietary products, only take medication as a last resort, eat whole grain products and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables (salads) in your diet.

Magalie Hall’s "My Victory over Cancer"

This book is written by Magalie Hall: a primary cancer survivor. She shares with you her story just like our website shares cancer stories. Do note that she is a primary cancer survivor and metastatic is all about secondary cancers. It’s again another book about changing your life habits and is more practical for cancer prevention.

A practical, Step-By-Step roadmap to better nutrition for Victory Over Primary Liver Cancer… However a cancer that has spread to the liver can’t simply be compared with a primary cancer. Both will of course destroy your liver, and for both you have to cure the primary cancer first: for example: a colon cancer that has spread to your liver, still is a colon cancer and will need different treatments than just a primary liver cancer.

My Victory over Cancer

Click here to read more about how to 1 person cured her primary liver cancer.

How to cure cancer summarized

We needed our father to die an awful death in order to:

We recommend you to do the same so at least father’s passing away will prevent others from getting cancer as easy as people are getting it now.